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Saturday, November 9, 2013

A few kitchen shots!

To wet the palate...

Introductions are in order!

Hello, hello! And welcome to what will soon be the updating Central HeadQuarters of Kingdom Design LLC!

My name is Jeff! I'll be your tour guide through the various avenues you might travel to find us and get ahold of us so that we might assist you in making your life more stress-free, relaxed, and something you're excited to come home to and share with your family.

I've worked with Kingdom Design as something of a third-party subcontractor in the past and have recently been roped in for social media interaction and web-based growth for the company. Since I've been around them [in early 2008], their entire mission has been simple: Creating a Better Way to Live.

Now that it's 2013 and all of their business and growth has been word of mouth, Kingdom Design is ready to expand into the web market. We're well established and have excellent references across the board, working with each client individually to ensure the best in customer satisfaction and repeat business.

The best part of where we stand as a faith and family-based company right now is that the paths we wish to take are clear and open. Ideas are exploding forth that will not just take us from state-to-state, but internationally as well—as we are Internationally Licensed and Insured.

This leads us to growth not only in the residential sectors, but also with missions work overseas as we are called to reach out and give back. These are all in the pipelines for the future of Kingdom Design!